‘Protest’ for ‘posters’ – Performing Protest (May 9, Leuven)

Sellers: Pablo Calderón.

Number of buyers: 13

The Other Market was invited to participate in “Enacting Protest? A performance exhibition“, curated by Wim Lambrecht, in the context of the Performing Protest international Conference in Leuven. Whenever we have been invited to these kind of events, we have adapted the market to its most relevant form, according to the context. In the case of a conference about protest, and inspired by the Open Archive of Opinions, we realize that in protests and manifestations always the ‘big messages and loud voices’ prevail over the small opinions and low voices. For this reason, we wanted people to put their own personal opinions and voices in a poster, what they would like to manifest for or with, with a stencil-letter-system and spray-paint. The papers used as surface were recovered posters from a past exhibition in Ghent.

Here some of the messages.


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