‘Trust’ for ‘The Future of Italy’ – Milan (April 2014)

Sellers: Veronica de Salvo.

Dates: April 8 – 13 2014

Number of buyers: 60

During the Self-Unself exhibition of the Design Academy Eindhoven, and in the context of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milano, The Other Market took part with a series of conversations, in collaboration with Social Design italian student Veronica de Salvo’s project A Place for Trust.

In the exhibition space, in Lambrate, Veronica invited visitors to imagine a better future for Italy and represent it through a poster and a tool for achieving it; in exchange, they would be infected with trust. In this case, the value flow was shifted, by understanding the value of dialogue, not only for us, but for the people who participated.


Pablo Calderón Salazar, Silvia Modigliani, Chiara Francione.


The last day of the Salone (13th of April), we took all of the posters off the wall and taped some around the city, to ‘infect’ the message outside of the exhibition.


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