The Other Market VISUALIZED – Graduation Show DAE – DDW13

The Other Market made part of the Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven, during the Dutch Design Week 2013. Following the spirit of the project, it could not present a static exhibition of what it had done, but it had to be a dynamic presentation that would transform through the week. For this reason, an active programming took place on the streets, with a different collaborator each day, whilst in the Witte Dame, where the graduation show took place, Anastasia Kubrak was making daily drawings of what happened on the streets. The first weekend she mapped the first series of exchanges, whilst from Tuesday 22 through Sunday 27th she mapped what happened the previous day on the streets.

The intention of making this drawing was to communicate the essence of The Other Market in the most simple way, without drowning in an excess of information. This way, we managed to centre the attention on the following aspects: the topics of the different dialogues, the content of the exchanges (represented in quotes) and the network of people (both the customers and the collaborators).

Here is a time lapse of how the map grew during the week.

And here some images of the map/drawing in the show:



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