The Other Market on DDW’13

The Other Market was one of the graduation projects of the Design Academy Eindhoven, during the Dutch Design Week. Following its principles, the cart was not put in the exhibition, but on the streets, having one exchange every day, in collaboration with one person each. Simultaneously, in the graduation show, collaborator Anastasia Kubrak, was illustrating and visualizing what was happening on the streets the day before, building up a growing map/diagram of The Other Market.

This was the program of the week, with some pictures of each day!


Monday 21st

15.30h – 17.00h In front of De Oude Rechtbank, The Other Market (TOM) was, in collaboration with fellow master graduates, inviting people to a self-organized symposium that gathered more than 100 people. The focus of the discussion was on process.

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Tuesday 22nd

15.30h – 17.00h Behind the Van Abbemuseum, TOM was in collaboration with Gabriele Mariotti, taking experimental portraits of people. The focus of the discussion was on the economics behind culture.

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Wednesday 23rd

19.00h – 20.00h Behind the Witte Dame, TOM screened the movie White Sheep Black Dream, from Alexandre Humbert, who was also on show during the DDW. The focus of the discussion will be on discipline and education.

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Thursday 24th

15.00h – 17.00h In front of the train Station, TOM was in collaboration with Thomaz Bondioli, trading special maps of the city, in exchange of personal stories about different places of the city (based on experiences). The focus was on trust and the way we experience cities.

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Friday 25th

14.00h – 15.00h In front of the Stadhuis (City Hall), TOM was in collaboration with Silvia Dini Modiggliani, trading aparts of her Playscript for a Multitude. The focus of the discussion was on demonstrations.

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Saturday 26th

16.00h – 17.00h In front of PIAZZA, TOM was in collaboration with Annelies Zwaan, trading The Other Review (an alternative and critical view on some of the projects on show). The focus will be on Critical practice.



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