The Other Market in TodaysArt – Sept 28 ’13

The Other Market was present in TodaysArt at The Hague, the last 27th and 28th of September, as part of the HOT100 program from the New Institute. The Pop-up City blog was present covering the event and featured The Other Market in their report.

The 27th of September, The Other Market made part of a workshop organized by The New Institute, where young graduates from media, arts and technology programs of the Netherlands were grouped to work on assignments for diverse companies and organizations. The Other Market worked in collaboration with Boo van der Vlist and Jephta Peijs, on an assignment from the broadcasting agency AVRO. To show how easy is to spark conversations with regular people and get them to participate, we made a flash intervention of getting a person to react to a news story (which said that footballers earnt to much money), and after got people on the streets to react to his answer by writing it into a billboard. Here are some pictures from Sebastiaan ter Burg:

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And here some other pictures and videos:


On saturday the 28th, an ad-hoc stall of The Other Market was set at the lobby of the former Ministry of Internal Affairs building, where the festival took place, triggering a discussion with the people attending the event, about art festivals themselves. With so many art, architecture and design festivals, fairs, biennials and triennials popping-up, it is important to ask ourselves, is this really necessary? Isn’t it just a way to get into the system?

We spoke and discussed with 5 people (dialogues which where undocumented) and had diverse opinions around the topic. Many of them, though, as they were mainly going to the festival were approving these kind of events, but assumed a more critical attitude when being asked about the ephemerality and pretentiousness of the event itself (it occupies an empty building for a couple of days, but does it go further than that? Is there a bigger impact?).



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