The Other Market seeks COLLABORATIONS for DDW ’13!

The Other Market will be resuming its activities in the coming months with different actions in diverse places (TradeSchool Amsterdam and Todays Art in The Hague), but specially for the upcoming Dutch Design Week, which will take place in Eindhoven following October.

Despite being an initiative born in the context of the Social Design master program at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Other Market will be in the streets, with a daily (?) programming in collaboration with different groups of people.

Have an idea to collaborate with The Other Market during DDW? Contact us!



The Other Catalogue

We would like to produce an alternative catalogue of the DAE graduation projects, which offers a different view on the projects exhibited. For this we would ask people to write a critical ‘review’ of other person’s project (hopefully in a ‘satirical’ and humorous way). For this we would like to collaborate with the student-led magazine SNOR.


The Other Premiere # 2: White Sheep Black Dream

We would most probably host The Other Premiere of the movie White Sheep Black Dream, from Alexandre Humbert. He would be the collaborator for this project.


The Other (design) Market

We would like to collect ‘design leftovers’ from present or past projects from Design Academy students, and informally trade them in the streets of Eindhoven. We are open for proposals for collaboration and input for this initiative.



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