Clothes for ‘Labour’ – May 10th

Seller: Pablo Calderón

Number of buyers: 8

Collaborators: Sebastián Salazar (photo and video) and Elsa Carenzo (photo, video and audio).


On friday 10th of May, The Other Market went back to the streets of Eindhoven. Triggered by the sign announcing the soon opening of Primark Eindhoven under the slogan “amazing fashion, amazing prices”, TOM wanted to generate a public dialogue around labour. This becomes particularly relevant, taking into account that Primark and C&A were two of the brands found to be making their clothes in the Bangladeshi factory that collapsed the last 24th of April, and which left a death toll of more than 1000 workers. Was a tough but necessary discussion to bring to the streets of a city flooded by cheap garment shops.

MEDIA: Podcast, Zine (soon).




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  2. Lucia Perez-Valdes

    Pablo, Congratulations! It is brilliant! The message behind is very good. Make us to take conscience that all of us are partly guilty of the horrendous tragedy in the factory in Bangladesh.

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