Drawings and origami for ‘Street names’

Sellers: Pablo Calderón & Miguel Ángel Rego

Number of buyers: 6

Collaborators: Warren Andrews and Will Slater (drawing), Miguel Sánchez Bastidas (photo) and Kirsten Roosendaal (video and drawing).

During the MilesKm residency in RoodNoot, Utrecht, we built a new cart out of scrap found on the streets. We went out to the streets of Lombok the 4th of May to trade drawings and origami pieces in exchange of dialogue about the names of the streets. The topic comes from an ongoing project of Miguel Ángel Rego called Semantic Apropiation of Space, and which attempts to question the street names of Madrid given by the prevailing structures of power during the ruling of Franco in Spain. This dialogue was taken to Lombok, an immigrant neighborhood which has street names as ‘Surinamstraat’ or ‘Balistraat’, former dutch Colonies, as well as streets with names of famous dutch colonizers.

MEDIA: Video.



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