The Other Radio – Episode #0: Market Stories

These are stories about markets, collected from some of my peers at the master program of the Design Academy Eindhoven. When I was asking people to write the information about the markets they remembered, I found they engaged with telling a story, rather than filling in some information. Based on this observation, I decided to speak to each of them for a couple of minutes and record their stories around markets. This was a very interesting and insightful exercise, for it transcended the market as a place or event, and it evidenced the social relevance of the market context, being more about the stories of the people and the relations fostered by them. Some of the most important things addressed by the people I spoke with are collected in an audio edit and in this graphic, which shows that a market is not only for shopping and has a very important place in urban context and people’s mind.

This is Episode 0 of TOM Radio, as a teaser for the coming stories!


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